The Generation of Change was an organization formed out of a need for a safe open space for students during the summer of 2020. During this time tensions were high following the death of George Floyd and students were thrown into a situation that we had never been in or had experience navigating. This along with the changes with the COVID-19  pandemic caused a need for students to have a conversation with peers about how they were feeling, experiences they had with racism themselves, what they can do to help others at this time, and what reform needs to take place.

My mother, Janae Davis (an OhioMBE Health Advocate Award winner) suggested hosting an event to allow my peers to express themselves. That is when the Generation of Change was formed. My goal was to have an open conversation focused on the struggles of students at a time where young adults felt they were not being heard, seen, or understood by adults. The forum was held on June 24, 2020, and consisted of an open mic for students, a presentation by my mother on microaggressions and how to handle them, and a Q/A session with local community members Dr. Talya Greathouse, Ms. Amy Gibson, Mr. Doug Pryor, and Dr. Emily Nemeth. The event was covered by The Newark Advocate, who ended up recognizing Jadyn Paige as one of the year's 20 under 40 Award recipients.