Good Morning,  today is the first day of VBS. Please come by and see the hard work already employed by our VBS think tank. I am always amazed at the exciting decorations they have to go along with the VBS theme. Pray and support your VBS. Our reading today is Proverbs 26 and Matthew 20. You have various observations in chapter 26 but the concentrations about the fool I find to be compelling. Verse 20 I have found to be true verses 21 and following to offer wisdom above words. In Matthew 20 we find the concern of a mother for her children and how understandable love can also be selfish and the difference between the present world and the world to come. Jesus explains that the person in His Kingdom that would be great will find that the servant is not greater than his Lord but must bow to rise. To be His servant is greater than the high positions of this present world. Do you not often think of Mary bowing and washing Jesus' feet and how this position is greater than any position that the high and mighty could desire as they walk in pious worth? I have highlighted verses 16 and 23. Which verses stand out to you?

Pray for Brother Jerry Smith today and Phil tomorrow. Pray for VBS and one another.