Good Morning, remember the men's fellowship is this Friday Night and we invite the ladies to attend with us. The time is 6:30 and a meal will be served. Our reading today is Psalm 86 and I Timothy 6. Please look at verse 7 and hear this prayer of David. Will you agree that some days we struggle with some difficulty from without or we struggle with internal issues that are helped with only the touch of God? Look at how King David begins the chapter in verse 1. Have you ever been where the King was? In I Timothy 6 we find several thoughts bunched together in one chapter. The servant is called upon to be victorious and in verse 6 we find the importance of Godly living and being contented.  In Verse 10 the downfall of many is described and in verse 17 a charge to all that more that they need in this Life. The conclusion is for the ministry of the young man Timothy. 

Pray one for another .