Good Morning, good news about brother Bill  Best as we continue to pray for his recovery. If you watched our service last evening I am sure you heard the many needs expressed from our prayer list. It reminded me of King David in our reading from Psalms today, chapter 39, when he asked for God to make him aware of frail he was. This is an excellent chapter to think on. In the New Testament, we read II Corinthians 7. In this chapter, we are confronted once again with the wrongdoings of the young man in the first letter and of the failure of the church to act to bring about his repentance. Now after they have acted and the repentance has come forth Paul commends the church in verses 10-11. Love is sometimes expressed in hardness as well as softness.  Remember when your dad said this hurts me more than you. It is sometimes true, isn't it? 

Pray one for the other