Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers. There are many people that still have their Mothers and possibly many more that just have a lonely heart and precious memories. Today can be lonely for those missing their Moms and lonely for those that are forgotten by their children. Step up to the plate and call or be there in person to say I love you Mom, or Mother.

Today we read II Chronicles 13-15. In chapter 13 is this of men or of God ? I keep hearing the doubting speak against the Word for Word writings in our Bible. Will you explain away this slaughter of one half a million? God truly was at work here. Chapter 14 we win the battle by calling on our God. Chapter 15  read carefully for it is the will of God to bless when our heart is right with Him.

Brother Eborn went home with the Lord but what a legacy he leaves behind. I will miss my dear friend. Pray one for another.