Good Morning, I saw a Facebook post of Brother Jeff Johnson in the hospital, please keep him in prayer. Today we read chapters 22-24 in Deuteronomy. Chapter 22 teaches that God was careful to instruct the sexes in separation.  Could you imagine what an abomination to God our ridiculous acting out would be labeled by Holy God that made male and female? Chapter 23 shows that Holy God is not welcoming to those that try to lead His people astray. Lot's falling into worldly lust not only destroyed his family but also created the two nations of the Ammonites and the Moabites. The descendants of Lot by his incestuous relations were idolatrous in their religious practices. They also hired Balaam to curse the people of Israel. Balaam could not do this but devised a plan knowing the flesh, of the mixing of Israel's men with the daughters of these idolatrous nations. Please remember Ruth was a Moabite woman that found Grace from God. God still is willing to forgive the sinner that turns to Him by faith.  Chapter 24 shows both the wickedness of some men in Israel towards their wives and the unkindness that was shown by many in the marriage relationship. The flesh often involves relationships where lust instead of  love is the motivation but the Lord in the New Testament stated the divorce granted by Moses was because of the hardness of the hearts found in the men of Moses day and we might say also in our day. Husband love your wife.  You will also find in chapter 24 the care of God for the poor. Whether women abused by men or the poor taken advantage of by the rich, God has care for and expects better from His people.

Pray for the people of Ukraine and for one another.