Pardnas Blog

Pardnas Blog

We help the poor to attain the necessities.We pride ourself on helping the community thrive. We help those in economical deprivation. We are a trusted brand.


For every product sold in dollar grocery store for $1.33 proceeding goes to shareholders. We give to the community. The proceeding helps those in low income recieve an anymounous gift to help them through their financial struggles.

Subsidy Distribution

We distribute wealth through collective efforts.

Subsidy Donor

Come and donate to our cause. Help a family with a meal plan voucher. You are appreciated by those whom are sponsored.


Your items from store shelves can be sold on our website.We incorporated drop shipping and ecomerence url. We sell your product to the public.

Bulletin Board

All information related to our service is on home page. Many great topic can be found pertaing to poverty relief.

Buy ticket for $1.33

Pardnas Gift Ceremony